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 N H Brown is an emerging author obsessed with unleashing the often dark and twisty tales that swim around inside her head. She resides in a quaint little house with her family, three high maintenance cats and an exuberant German Spitz named SheBear. She enjoys fireside Netflix binges, Josh Homme, Earl Grey tea, fuzzy bumblebees, and the delicious aroma of a hot sweaty horse. 


Taylor's End

Ella. A mysterious outsider with holes in her memory and a malignant darkness lurking inside her.


A sleepy rural community rocked by the discovery of a mutilated body at a rest stop on the outskirts of town.


As the violence and body count rises, Nick Bremner, the local Chief of Police, is desperate to find the killer before anyone else gets hurt. But he doesn't realize what he's up against. The only one who knows the truth is a teenage boy with no job and even less hope.


Something inhuman is preying on the innocent. And it has an insatiable appetite.


Welcome to Taylor's End.

"A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity."

Franz Kafka


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